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KMPlayer Porable – multimedia player

KMPlayer Portable

Latest Version: 1434
License: Freeware
Language: English
Support Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7
File size: 13.4 MiB
Downloads: 867



KMPlayer Portable is a universal player capable of playing of almost any media, including VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime and other file formats.

The KMPlayer supports DVD subtitles and can record audio, video and images of any part of the video. The player can work with internal and external filters and plug-ins, thus allowing you to control audio and video settings of files being played. KMPlayer includes almost all the basic codecs necessary to play media.

KMPlayer Key Features:

  • KMPlayer Portable is fully customizable player, offering a wide variety of skins and color schemes
  • Built-in codecs preventing you from making “unnecessary” registry entries
  • Playback of not yet downloaded or “broken” files
  • Files locking during downloading or uploading
  • Playback of audio and video streams
  • Compressed albums’ (zip, rar) support
  • Playback of a certain segment of the media (start and end points should be set)
  • Winamp plug-ins support
  • DScaler external filters support

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