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Autoruns – tool to control startup process of PC


Latest Version: 11.22
License: Freeware
Language: English
Support Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7
File size: 522.0 KiB
Downloads: 286




Autoruns is a pretty powerful tool, designed for Windows operating systems and granting full control over the startup process to PC users (especially taking into account the fact that Startup section has plenty of things, not shown by the standard utility).

Autoruns allows you to manage all the startup processes properly and to the full. It was created as an alternative to MSConfig – the standard command-line parameter, allowing the users to edit Autorun.inf startup file.

Autoruns automatically finds all the places where from startup components can be launched. For example, it could be Run and RunOnce registry keys. Additionally, the monitor of components and services load will show the order of their loading and launching i.e. the order of their processing by the operating system. This is the utility that will help you to disable unwanted startup items. These could be various components, including even system services.

Sometimes, Autoruns.exe  can help you “bring to life” even those systems, that previously seemed to be unrecoverable.

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